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Current Projects

Punch Up Community Gym

Punch Up is a co-operative sports and social organisation to enable positive connections based around physical activity. Currently there are weekly martial classes.


Equaliser Soundsystem Co-op

Equaliser is a co-op for DJs, musicians and party hosts to access high fidelity audio equipment to help build dancefloor counterculture.

Stirchley Co-operative Development

Many Co-operation Birmingham went on to work on the SCD project. Though not an official project of Co-op Brum, it’s certainly a sister project and will serve as a good home space for future Co-op Brum endeavors.

It’s going to be a 40 flat housing co-operative with space for worker co-ops Loaf, Artefact and the Birmingham Bike Foundry. Construction will hopefully be completed around summer 2025.

Previous Projects

Solidarity Kitchen

Co-op Cycle Birmingham

Co-op Brum Fest