Join the Co-op

What is Co-operation Birmingham?

We are a cooperative of working class people living in and around Birmingham. We want to build an organisation that provides mutual aid to us and and our surrounding communities. We want to build a solidarity economy that works for us and not for the rich.

Cooperation is the process of groups of people working or acting together for common, mutual, or some underlying benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit.

We aim to promote, platform and facilitate working class self organisation in and around Birmingham, UK.

Only we can help each other. Let’s get organised.

Read more on who we are.

How do you join Co-operation Birmingham?

By visiting the Open Collective which is a co-operative platform for membership organisations.

Simply select the tier of membership that suits your current financial situation and sign up. You will require a credit/debit card.

What do you get for joining Co-operation Birmingham?

  • A voice and a vote in the democratic decision making process of the co-op.
  • Free meals at the Solidarity Cafe.
  • A chance to shape and support new initiatives and projects such as a new media co-op and a pay as you feel cafe.