Equaliser Soundsystem Co-operative

Equaliser is a co-op for DJs, musicians and party hosts to access high fidelity audio equipment to support liberatory cultural practice in Birmingham.


The idea that spawned this project started as blog post on a founder member’s blog.

It was worked on and formalised as a proposal on the Co-op Brum Forum.

Equaliser is inspired by experiences at House of God and Oscillate and reggae soundsystems in Birmingham and audiophile dance parties in London such as Beauty and The Beat, All Our Friends and Rude Movements and by extension historic spaces such as David Mancuso’s Loft, The Gallery and the Paradise Garage.

The co-op began in November 2023 with £1000 of start up funding from Co-operation Birmingham.

We aim to open up the possibility of using interesting and underutilised spaces in Birmingham to build anti-capitalist counterculture through excellent sonics. All money raised goes back to the co-op to maintain and obtain equipment. Get on board the friendship train.

This train stands for justice
This train stands for freedom
This train stands for harmony and peace
This train stands for love

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Friendship Train

How does it work

Membership is £10 per month.

Subsequent membership after the initial setup of the co-op would require an interview and a vote by current members.

As a co-operative, each member will get a say in any large decisions made and a single share in the co-op (that is not transferable and worth an arbitrary value of £1). This means each member has an equal share of ownership in the co-operative without being able to make personal profit off the company.

We abide by the seven co-operative principles.

Members benefit from equipment hire rates at a fraction of the market rate.

We will use income to purchase, maintain and build equipment as decided by members.

Decision making

Our decision making process is the same as Co-operation Birmingham’s process.

We make decisions as a co-op in a democratic manner using tools such as consensus decision making and sociocracy.

Large decisions affecting everyone in the co-op would be made at quarterly synchronous online all members meetings.

We can use the polls feature on our own category on the Co-op Brum Forum to make medium decisions asynchronously.

Equipment hire for members

2 x Yamaha Stagepas 300 speakers

Price: £10 per day


Speaker type: passive 2-way bass-reflex

Frequency Response: 55 Hz-20 kHz (-10 dB)

Maximum Output Power: 150W

RMS Output Power: 100W

LEM Cyclops Subwoofer

Price: £10 per day


Speaker type: active 15″ subwoofer

Frequency Response: 40 Hz-180 Hz (-10 dB)

Maximum Output Power: 600W

RMS Output Power: 300W

Rack gear

Behringer FBQ1502 Graphic Equalizer

This allows you to EQ your system to suit the room and has a mono summed output with adjustable low pass filter crossover to send signal to a subwoofer.

Price: £5 per day



If you are interested in joining equaliser co-op or have equipment to donate email us at:

equaliser at cooperationbirmingham.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you allow organisations to join?

We would like to see organisation or companies that run venues or events get their own soundsystems. It’s a vital part of building our city’s music culture.

The goal of this project is to support people who don’t have access to the capital needed to invest in this sound equipment have access to it. This shouldn’t be a way for venues to avoid investing in their own equipment to save money.

However, we would like to investigate allowing other co-operatives or democratic organisations to join. Contact us to discuss further.