Cooperation Birmingham relies on participants to carry out its work during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic to support fellow working class people in our city.

If you are able, we have various roles that we need help with. There are some roles that can be done from home and some that will require travel. We have extensive health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of our volunteers and a code of conduct setting standards for how we treat each other.

Please also read our stated mission and values to see if they align with your own.

Drivers 🚗 🚲

Drivers deliver food to fellow brummies in need. They are allocated shifts and pick up the food from the kitchens and deliver it to the homes or pickup point around Birmingham.

Care is taken to minimise contact between a driver and the people they are delivering to and also to other participants. Again, checkout our health and safety protocols for more info.

Obviously if you are using a car, you need a full UK driving license. We have also had people delivering food via bicycle.

Drivers may also be required to pick up supplies and deliver them to the kitchen.

Kitchen ‍🥗

The kitchen volunteers prepare and package the food that goes to the people in need. They will be required to do basic food prep, pot washing, cleaning and other types of kitchen work.

They will be accompanied in the kitchen at all times by a professional chef who will be directing and advising you. You will be required to travel to the one of our kitchens as safely as possible.

Our kitchen shifts are designed to ensure you won’t come into contact with many other volunteers to reduce risk of infection and transmission.

Backroom 📲

The backroom roles involves taking orders for food by email or phone and then coordinating with the kitchen and drivers to enable our logistics to run smoothly. A cool head and ability to work well under pressure is required.

It will also require some basic computer skills in order to update spreadsheets, use our logistics software and answer and organise emails. You may also be required to answer and make phone calls to participants and people receiving food support.

However, note that every backroom volunteer will always be paired up with a experienced backroom coordinator during their shift who will be on hand, helping and advising with anything that comes up.

Mask Making 😷

In our health and safety protocols we require volunteers who come into contact with others to wear a mask to reduce the risk of infection and transmission.

Due to the nationwide shortage of PPE, it is not possible to obtain sterile medical masks and what supplies do exist should go to front-line medical staff.

We need to create new supply chains to keep our operations running smoothly. We have brought together a collective of makers to produce fabric masks with their own equipment. We use our logistics infrastructure to get these to people in need.

If you have sewing skills or are able to help in the production of masks in anyway, please email:

Admin ✍

Probably one of the most important area in the co-op. There are many things to be getting on with that fall into this area.

Admin includes coordinating volunteers, tech infrastructure, coop development, publicity and social media, managing press, art and design, making a podcast, keeping the finances up to date and many other misc tasks.

Please email us if you can help:

All of our members are participants and we receive thousands of emails. We’ll get to yours as soon as we can.